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Tree of Qliphoth

"Tree of Qliphoth" is the third anthology by the Temple of Ascending Flame, exploring the dark side of the Qabalistic Tree as a map of Draconian Initiation. In essays, rituals and other expressions of personal research and experience, magicians and initiates of the Draconian Tradition discuss the realms of the Nightside, teachings and gnosis of its dark denizens, as well as practical methods developed both within the Temple and through their individual work. Material included in this book will give the reader a foretaste of these forces and a glimpse of what you can expect while embarking on the self-initiatory journey through the labyrinths of the Dark Tree.


Lilith - Temple of Ascending Flame; In the Cave of Lilith - Asenath Mason; Naamah - S.ΤΖΣ. Swan; Gates of Naamah - M King; The Dark Tower - Calia van de Reyn; Gamaliel - Temple of Ascending Flame; Lilith and Samael - Asenath Mason & Rev Bill Duvendack; Samael - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of Adrammelech - Rev Bill Duvendack; Poisoned Well - Rev Bill Duvendack; A'arab Zaraq - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of the Dark Venus - Asenath Mason; Invocation of Baal - Rev Bill Duvendack; Niantiel Working - Asenath Mason; Thagirion - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of Belphegor - Asenath Mason; Invocation of Sorath - Asenath Mason; Thagirion - Pairika-Eva Borowska; The Cave of Lafcursiax - Edgar Kerval; The Qabalism of Lucifer's Sigil - Rev Bill Duvendack; Golachab - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of Asmodeus - Christiane Kliemannel; Invocation of the King of the Nine Hells - Rev Bill Duvendack; Nine Hells of Asmodeus - Asenath Mason; Gha'agsheblah - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of Astaroth - Christiane Kliemannel; Seven Gates of the Underworld - Asenath Mason; The Abyss - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of Choronzon - Rev Bill Duvendack; Invocation of Shugal - Rev Bill Duvendack; Invocation of the Beast of the Abyss - Rev Bill Duvendack; Opening the Gates of Choronzon to Sitra Ahra - Zeis Araújo; Itzpapalotl - N.A:O; Ritual of Babalon - Asenath Mason; Satariel - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of Lucifuge - Christiane Kliemannel; Summoning of the Lord of the Night - Rev Bill Duvendack; The Spider and the Web of Fates - Asenath Mason & Pairika-Eva Borowska; Ghagiel - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of Beelzebub - Christiane Kliemannel; Litany to the Lord of the Flies - Rev Bill Duvendack; Experiencing the Strength of Belial - Mafra Lunanigra; Thaumiel - Temple of Ascending Flame; Invocation of Moloch - Christiane Kliemannel; Invocation of Satan - Christiane Kliemannel; Thaumiel - The Mask of Arrogance as Freedom - Leonard Dewar; The Calling of the Twin God - Rev Bill Duvendack; The Two-Headed Dragon of Thaumiel - Leonard Dewar; Invocation of the Lord of Thaumiel - Rev Bill Duvendack; Three Hidden Chakras Working - Christiane Kliemannel

Paperback, 234 pages

PRICE: 28 EUR + postage
Publisher: Temple of Ascending Flame
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Necronomicon Gnosis: A Practical Introduction by Asenath Mason

The magic of the Necronomicon is based on dreams, visions and transmissions from planes and dimensions beyond the world as we know it, channeled and earthed by sensitive individuals. The power of this mythical tome lies in its intangibility and mysteriousness - it is a book with limitless potential, a volume that has never been completed and is continuously writing itself through the hands of those who receive its gnosis. Necronomicon Gnosis: A Practical Introduction thoroughly explores this magical tradition, discussing the lore of the Cthulhu Mythos from the perspective of a practitioner, providing applicable methods of work, both for beginners and advanced magicians. It presents basic magical concepts and techniques of their practical use within the context of the Necronomicon Gnosis: pacts and ceremonies, astral journeys, dream magic, scrying and travelling through gateways to interstellar dimensions, evocations, invocations, sex magic, self-initiation, shape-shifting, necromancy, the art of sacrifice, and many others. These techniques allow for a shift of consciousness in which we are able to experience the energies of the Great Old Ones that are normally inaccessible to our mundane perception.

First published in 2007, the original version of the book has been revised, expanded and updated. New chapters were added, containing texts and rituals previously published in various journals and magazines, as well as completely new, unpublished essays and practices. The last chapter introduces the work of the Spider Goddess of Space, known in the ancient times and within the Draconian/Typhonian gnosis as Arachne, the queen of hidden temples existing in-between worlds and tunnels of the Nightside. These labyrinths are known in the Necronomicon lore as the Vaults of Zin. The contents of the last chapter form a specific grimoire in itself, containing a self-initiatory system that integrates consciousness with the energies of the Weaver of the Web and transforming the Initiate into a living gateway and vessel for the primal force of the Spider Goddess.

- A Word of Introduction - What Is the Necronomicon Gnosis - Self-Initiation into the Necronomicon Gnosis - Ritual of the Nine Stellar Gateways - The Call from the Depths: Cthulhu and Lovecraftian Dream Magic - Cthulhu Dreamworking - Invocation of Cthulhu into the Dreaming Mind - Dream Journey to Ulthar - Gates to Interstellar Dimensions - The Render of the Veils Ritual - Nyarlathotep: The Black Man of the Sabbat - Invocation of the Black Pharaoh - Astral Sabbat - Vision of Chaos and Cosmic Space - Journey to Yuggoth - Azathoth: Madness in the Centre of Infinity - Invocation of Insanity - Dagon: Lord of Watery Depths - Invocation of Dagon - Necromancy in the Cthulhu Mythos - The Charnel God - Vampires and the Art of Astral Shape-Shifting - The Rite of Akhkharu - Sex, Blood, Chaos, and Death: Presentation of Shub-Niggurath - The Black Communion - A Sex-Magical Rite of Invoking Shub-Niggurath into the Temple of Flesh - Those Who Walk on the Wind: The Cthulhu Mythos Deities and Demons of Air and Stellar Dimensions - Summoning of the Four Wind Daemons - Journey to Carcosa - The Serpent God Yig and the Power of Ecstasy - Serpentine Ecstasy - A Ritual of Possession - Dance of the Serpent - The Black Tower of Koth - The Shining Trapezohedron - The Art of Sacrifice and Blood Magic - Ceremony of the Great Old Ones - Thirteen Gates of the Spider Goddess - A Few Words on Banishings

Hardcover, 300 pages

PRICE: 28 EUR + postage
Publisher: Magan Publications
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Visions of the Nightside

Visions of the Nightside is a collection of essays, rituals and various expressions of personal gnosis written by members and associates of the Temple of Ascending Flame. Unique and evocative in its content, the book comprises powerful manifestations of magical practice with the forces of the Nightside: dark gods and goddesses, primal energies of the Void, entities residing in the Qliphothic Tree of Death, demons of infernal regions, and spirits from a whole range of traditions. Compiled and edited by Asenath Mason, it is a practical research and insight into the magic of the Left Hand Path within the modern context, with contributions from working magicians and initiates of the Draconian Tradition.  

The contents of the book:

Gnosis of the Void by Asenath Mason
Setnacht by Frater Eremor
Hecate: Blessed Mother of Witches by Pairika-Eva Borowska
Mea Magna Mater Hecate.  My Immersion in Multicolored Blackness by Selene-Lilith
Night on Bald Mountain: An Introduction to Slavic Witchcraft - by Febosfer
Invocation to Lilith by Asenath Mason
Into the Void by Frater GS
Echoes by Rev Bill Duvendack
Ravens of Dispersion by Asenath Mason
Poseidon's Trident by Rev Bill Duvendack
Invocation of Sekhmet by Asenath Mason
The Lady of the Flame by Asenath Mason
Lucifer's Trident Ritual by Rev Bill Duvendack
Whispers From The Void (Exploration of Baratchial through the 12th Tunnel) by Edgar Kerval
Demeter: Draconian Goddess by Fr. Nephilim

Paperback, 114 pages

PRICE: 18 EUR + postage
Publisher: Temple of Ascending Flame
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Rites of Lucifer

Lucifer is the archetype of the Adversary, initiator and guide on the Path of the Nightside. He is the fallen angel of Christian legends, the Devil of witches' Sabbats, one of primal Draconian Gods, Demon Prince of the Air, and Infernal Emperor of old grimoires. The purpose of this book is to delve into his initiatory role on the Draconian Path and in Atlantean magic through chosen masks and manifestations which Lucifer has used over the ages to reveal his presence to mankind, bestowing his blessings on Initiates and scourging the ignorant. Essays and rituals included here explore both his bright and dark aspects, the face of the Light Bearer and the horned mask of the Devil.

The contents of the book:

Light and Darkness in Luciferian Gnosis by Asenath Mason
The Light Bearer Ritual by Temple of Ascending Flame
Invocation of the Dark Initiator by Temple of Ascending Flame
The Mind of Lucifer by Rev Bill Duvendack
Purifying Fire (The Seed of Luciferian Gnosis) by Edgar Kerval
Lord of the Air by Temple of Ascending Flame
Lucifer - The Trickster by Daemon Barzai
The Shadow Companion by Temple of Ascending Flame
Holographic Luciferianism by Rev Bill Duvendack
The Adversarial Current of Lucifer by Asenath Mason
Invocation of the Adversary by Temple of Ascending Flame
Freedom through Death by Cristian Velasco
Emperor of Shadow and Light by Pairika Eva Borowska
The God of Witchcraft by Temple of Ascending Flame
The Infernal Spirit of Old Grimoires by Temple of Ascending Flame
Masks of Lucifer Ritual by Rev Bill Duvendack

Paperback, 122 pages

PRICE: 20 EUR + postage
Publisher: Temple of Ascending Flame
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The Sinister Path, Volume 2

Essays and articles contained in this book were originally printed in Dragon’s Blood magazine in the years 2006-2010. Chosen from four issues that are no longer in print, i.e. #4 “Egyptian Magic,” #6 “Lilith,” #7 “Samael,” and #8 “Via Nocturna,” they cover such themes as Egyptian Underworld, Set, Vama Marga, Lilith, vampire goddesses, the Adversary, qlipothic magic, soul travels, and many others.

Essays which originally were parts of other books were not included in this volume and can be found in their original sources.


The list of contents:

The Kingdom of Seker
Into the Realm of Death
Bast and Sekhmet - Two Faces of the Feminine
The Vision of the Night
Vama Marga: The Left Hand Path Tantra
Invocation of Lilith
The Soul in Ancient Egypt
The Summoning of Set
The Desert of Set
Sacred Sexuality: Eros and Religion in Ancient Egypt
Exploring the Mystery of Sirius – the Bright Isis and the Dark Nephthys
Invocation of Nephthys
Egyptian Serpent Deities
The Living Death: Two Faces of the Feminine
The Ritual of Az
Meditation upon the Congress with Az
Samael the Initiator
Invocation of the Adversary
Access Way: Der Zu-Gang
Healing Through Destruction
Saljar Helja: A Journey into the Realm of Hel
Sadism and Diabolicism: The Bluebeard of Orleans
Self-Initiation into the Necronomicon Current
Lilith: Mother and Whore

143 pages, A5, softcover
PRICE: 15 EUR + postage
Publisher: Lodge Magan
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The Way of the Serpent

Draconian Path is an initiatory spiritual adventure, a beautiful quest for awakening divine powers in the Initiate through transformative process of self-knowledge and self-integration. It embraces symbolism and energies of those magical systems, religious beliefs, mythologies, folk-tales, and literature, which view the Dragon or the Serpent as the Divine Initiator, the Adversary, or simply the Archetype of Primal Terror. It takes the Initiate to the darkest roots of consciousness in order to awaken the power of the Dragon, the primal potential of godhood, within one's soul.

This book contains glimpses of Draconian magic and philosophy, as well as many related themes inspired by this ancient tradition. It brings together essays, rituals and poetry from eleven contributors, remarkable authors and active practitioners of the Left Hand Path. The contents of this collection include Setian rituals, Qlipothic meditations, articles devoted to mythological dragons and serpents, and many other texts inspired by the Draconian Current.

142 pages, A5, softcover

PRICE: 20 EUR + postage
Publisher: Lodge Magan


The Sinister Path, Volume 1

Essays and articles contained in this book were originally printed in Dragon’s Blood magazine in the years 2004-2007. Chosen from four issues that are no longer in print, i.e. #1 “Beasts of Watery Abyss,” #2 “Practical Necromancy,” #3 “Dark Witchcraft,” and #5 “The Adversary.

The list of contents:

- A Few Thoughts on Tiamat
- Alchemical Rebirth in the Waters of Tiamat
- Apep, the Serpent Chaos Demon

- The Ceremony of Apep
- Azrael and the Death Principle
- Invocation of Azrael
- Coitus cum demone: Incubus and Succubus in Legend and Occult Arts
- Evil in the Eye of the Beholder
- Great Journey Backwards - Into The Shadow Embrace Of Infernal Sabbat- In the Desert of Sutuach
- Invocation of the Four Goddesses of the Sabbat
- Ladies of Infernal Dimensions – Goddesses of Death and Rulers of the Underworld
- Ceremony of Persephone
- Leviathan – "King over all the Sons of Pride"
- Invocation of Leviathan
- Luciferian Gnosis
- Conjuration of Lucifer
- Niantiel: "Where the last of the borders is crossed”
- Nitocris – Queen of Ghouls and the Lady of the Pyramid
- Descent into the Temple of the Sphinx
- The Dark Side of the Moon: Presentation of the Gamaliel Qlipha
- The Vision of Gamaliel
- The End of All Flesh
- The Path of Cain
- The Sabbatic Ritual of the Horned God and Goddess

146 pages, A5, softcover


Sol Tenebrarum: The Occult Study of Melancholy by Asenath Mason

“I can barely conceive of a type of beauty in which there is no melancholy,“ wrote Charles Baudelaire in the nineteenth century, referring to the phenomenon that had fascinated philosophers, artists, musicians, poets and writers for centuries. In the modern world melancholy is commonly confused with sorrow or identified with depression, but in the history of the Western culture it was always seen as present both in depressive states and excesses of manic rapture. For over two thousand years melancholy was a part of humoural theory which assumed that the body and the mind were mystically connected and these connections explained all character traits, dispositions, tastes, appearances, emotional states, mental disorders, and physiological dysfunctions.

Traditionally viewed as a wide range of disorders caused by the imbalance of life energies, throughout centuries melancholy acquired a complex esoteric and philosophical meaning. It became the disease of the soul, the triumph of the inner darkness over the godly light of reason, the source of genius and inspired madness, the synonym for lethargy and spleen, the deadly sin, the Saturnian principle of ecstasy and suffering, the dark element in the human nature, and finally, the universal condition of all humanity.

This book is concentrated around the traditional view of melancholy and its interpretations in ancient and modern history of the Western esotericism. It attempts to translate ancient concepts into the contemporary context and rediscovers melancholy as the central part of occult philosophy, representing the most critical stages of spiritual experience. Alchemy, Dionysian mysteries, Bacchic rites of ecstasy, lycanthropy, acedia, spiritual journeys into the underworld, inspired insanity, Dark Night of the Soul, Saturnian contemplation, qlipothic initiations, and the mystical meaning of the Black Sun – these are only a few themes from this fascinating book.

328 pages, A5, hardcover
PRICE: 27 EUR + postage
Publisher: Edition Roter Drache
Availability: Last copies!